News from the road

Miriam Mandipira Band

This band has been together and performing regularly for the past 6 years. After having performed mostly in Mojo and recently in Karensminde other venues are opening up. We are looking forward to getting back to Mojo our home base on friday October 17th. And in march of next year we chart new territory bringing Blues and Soul to Albertslund Jazz Club!

As we launch into 2017 I am very grateful for the band in the picture above. Much change and development has graced my career. Now a new set of faces tours and makes music with me. This I the Mandipira/Lauritsen/Frost/Gade combo. An album "Convergence" has even earned a fine review and mention in the magazine Jazz Special. New projects are underway......update to follow in the course of the next few months.



Delta Blues Band

Moving from strength to strength with this amazing band. After touring Blues Festivals in Denmark and Sweden for 3 years and collaborating on 2 albums as a guest soloist. We are now on the verge of our first album together where I will do more than just the one track :) Very exciting also that this third collaboration will be a live recording from our upcoming concert on 29/30 November at a venue soon to be revealed!

2017 will see a new direction towards the covetted Blues big band complete with backing vocals and a horn section. Troels Jensen and the Healers with the Blue Bells of Joy have just found themselves a new vocalist in Miriam Mandipira every last wednesday of the month from March 2017 onwards.

Future Plans

As well as finishing up older and earlier musical projects, I am also particularly looking forward to writing and possibly performing duo/trio jobs from right within Delta Blues Band itself....especially learning from the Grand Old Man of Blues himself......

Well it is here ladies and gentlemen.....the long awaited Blues duo album. More pictures and links to follow as soon as the release date is set for early 2017. It´s gonna be a great year.